Department for General and Applied Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Chair for "Problems in theoretical physics"

based at Landau Institute for theoretical physics



Fall 2018

2 year
17:05–18:30 Probability theory /M.E. Zhukovskii/ МФТИ, НК 239
18:35–20:00 Selected methods of theoretical physics /A.V. Lunkin, A.V. Khvalyuk/ МФТИ, НК 239
3 year
11:00–13:00 Foundations of gravitation theory /S.S. Vergeles/ LITP
14:00–16:00 Selected problems in theoretical physics /D.S. Lyubshin/ LITP
09:00–10:25 Percolation theory and fractals /A.S. Ioselevich/ МФТИ, ГК 516а
10:45–12:10 Problems in quantum mechanics /I.V. Poboiko, D.S. Antonenko, N.A. Stepanov/ МФТИ, ЛК 409
4 year
11:00–13:00 Phonons and electrons in metals /Ya.V. Fominov/ LITP
14:00–16:00 Seminar on current literature /M.V. Feigel'man/ LITP
16:00–18:00 Magnetism /I.V. Kolokolov/ LITP
11:00–13:00 Problems in statistical physics /D.S. Lyubshin/ LITP
17:00–19:00 Diagrammatic methods /Yu. Makhlin/ РАН, к. 1512
5 year
12:30–15:30 Introduction to theory of disordered systems /A.S. Ioselevich/ Сколтех, ауд. 422
16:00–19:00 Introduction to quantum field theory /Ya.P. Pugay/ Сколтех, ауд. 422
09:00–12:00 Phase-transition theory /V.V. Lebedev/ Сколтех, ауд. 422
12:30–15:30 Modern problems of theoretical physics (seminar) /M.V. Feigel'man, K.S. Tikhonov/ Сколтех, ауд. 402
16:00–19:00 Advanced quantum mechanics /K.S. Tikhonov, M.V. Feigel'man/ Сколтех, ауд. 423
6 year
12:30–15:30 Modern problems of theoretical physics (seminar) /M.V. Feigel'man, K.S. Tikhonov/ Сколтех, ауд. 402
Classes are held at
LITP Landau Institute, Chernogolovka
ISSP Institute for Solid-State Physics, Chernogolovka
RAS Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Leninskii prosp. 32a, Moscow
MIPT  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny
IPP  Institute for Physical Problems, Moscow
IUM  Independent University of Moscow, Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy pereulok 11, Moscow
Skoltech  Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Skolkovo Innovation Center

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