Department for General and Applied Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Chair for "Problems in theoretical physics"

based at Landau Institute for theoretical physics



I.S. Burmistrovtwo-dimensional electron systems, quantum Hall effect, mesoscopics
M.V. Feigel'manphysics of quantum computation, superconductivity, spin glasses, mesoscopics
Ya.V. Fominovsuperconductivity, hybrid systems, mesoscopics
N.A. Inogamovinteraction between laser radiation and matter
A.S. Ioselevichdisordered systems, semiconductors
P.A. Ioselevichtopological insulators and superconductors, quantum transport, mesoscopics
I.V. Kolokolovturbulence theory, magnetism
V.V. Lebedevturbulence theory, liquid crystals, membranes
Yu.G. Makhlinphysics of quantum computation, mesoscopic electron systems
P.M. Ostrovskygraphene, topological insulators, Anderson localization, hybrid structures
A.B. Shabatmathematical physics
L.N. Shchurcomputational statistical physics, high-performance computing, grid technologies
M.A. Skvortsovsuperconductivity, mesoscopics
A.A. Starobinskygravitation and cosmology
K.S. Tikhonovsuperconducting hybrid structures, two-dimensional electron systems