Landau Phystech School of Physics and Research, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Chair for "Problems in theoretical physics"

based at Landau Institute for theoretical physics




1 year
Approximate methods for analytical calculations /Dr.Sc. Ya.V. Fominov, acad. corr. Yu. Makhlin, Dr.Sc. I.S. Burmistrov, Dr. V.M. Parfeniev, Dr. S.S. Vergeles, Dr.Sc. M.A. Skvortsov/ test
Approximate methods for analytical calculations (exercises) /O.B. Zuev, A.D. Kokovin/
2 year
Selected methods of theoretical physics /M.Sc. A.A. Lyublinskaya/ test
Mathematics I (theor.min.) /Dr.Sc. A.S. Ioselevich, Dr. D.S. Lyubshin/ theor.min.
Introduction to group theory /M.Sc. T.D. Kenzhaev/ test
Introduction to the speciality: seminar on classical papers /A.E. Tolstobrov, Prof. M.V. Feigel'man/ test
Mechanics (theor.min.) /acad. corr. V.V. Lebedev/ theor.min.
3 year
Problems in quantum mechanics /Dr. N.A. Stepanov/ exam
Selected problems in theoretical physics /Dr. D.S. Lyubshin/ exam
Modern hydrodynamics /Dr. S.S. Vergeles/ test
Field theory (theor.min.) /Dr. I.V. Polyubin/ theor.min.
Problems in quantum mechanics /Dr. N.A. Stepanov/ exam
Elements of quantum field theory /Dr. N.A. Stepanov/ exam
Condensed-matter theory: modern problems /Dr.Sc. Ya.V. Fominov, Dr.Sc. I.S. Burmistrov, acad. corr. Yu. Makhlin, Prof. M.V. Feigel'man, acad. corr. N.A. Inogamov, Dr. V.A.  Zyuzin, acad. corr. V.V. Lebedev, Dr. V.M. Parfeniev, Dr. S.A.  Belan, Dr.Sc. A.S. Ioselevich, Dr.Sc. A.S. Mel'nikov, Dr.Sc. M.A. Skvortsov/ test
Quantum mechanics (theor.min.) /Prof. M.V. Feigel'man, Dr. D.S. Lyubshin/ theor.min.
4 year
Problems in statistical physics /Dr. D.S. Lyubshin/ exam
Magnetism /Dr. P.A. Maksimov/ exam
Phonons and electrons in metals /Dr.Sc. Ya.V. Fominov/ exam
Seminar on current literature /Dr.Sc. M.A. Skvortsov, Prof. M.V. Feigel'man/ test
Diagrammatic methods /acad. corr. Yu. Makhlin/ test
Statistical physics (theor.min.) /Dr. D.S. Lyubshin/ theor.min.
Physics of semiconductors /acad. corr. M.M. Glazov, acad. corr. V.D. Kulakovskii/ exam
Superconductivity /Dr.Sc. A.S. Mel'nikov, Prof. M.V. Feigel'man/ exam
Diagrammatic methods /acad. corr. Yu. Makhlin/ exam
Quantum electrodynamics /Dr.Sc. N.N. Nikolaev/ test
Quantum electrodynamics (exercises) /Dr.Sc. N.N. Nikolaev/
5 year
Theory of phase transitions /acad. corr. V.V. Lebedev/ exam
Transport in mesoscopic systems /Dr.Sc. Ya.V. Fominov/ exam
Introduction to the theory of disordered systems /Dr.Sc. A.S. Ioselevich/ exam
Advanced quantum mechanics /Dr. Ya.I. Rodionov/ exam
Quantum mesoscopics. Integer quantum Hall effect /Dr.Sc. I.S. Burmistrov/ exam
Methods in theory of one-dimensional systems /Dr. M.Yu. Lashkevich/ exam
Functional methods in the theory of disordered systems /Dr.Sc. M.A. Skvortsov/ exam
6 year
Path integrals and quantum mechanics of open systems /Dr. N.A. Stepanov, Prof. M.V. Feigel'man/ exam