Landau Phystech School of Physics and Research, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Chair for "Problems in theoretical physics"

based at Landau Institute for theoretical physics


Scholarship for our students

In 2023-2024 academic year, our students get an additional scholarship from the chair:

  • 2 year — 5000 rub. per month
  • 3 year — 10000 rub. per month
  • 4 year — 15000 rub. per month
  • 5-6 years — 25000 rub. per month (+ 15000 rub. per month from MIPT)

Those students who successfully perform scientific research, get additional payment from grants. The ammount can exceed the basic scholarship.

For responsible students, there is also the possibility of part-time work in the form of assistance in the chair's courses (checking homework of undergraduates, in some cases — conducting classes with undergraduates).