Department for General and Applied Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Chair for "Problems in theoretical physics"

based at Landau Institute for theoretical physics



6 year
Anton Naumov
Bachelor's thesis (2017): "O(3) σ-model duality check" [pdf, adv. A.V. Litvinov]
Master's thesis (2019): "Topological Josephson tunnel junction" [pdf, adv. P.A. Ioselevich]
Nikolay Peshcherenko
Bachelor's thesis (2017): "Non-Born resonance scattering of electrons on point-like impurities in a stripe" [pdf, adv. A.S. Ioselevich]
Master's thesis (2019): "Non-Born scattering effects in resistivity of quasi-one-dimensional systems" [pdf, adv. A.S. Ioselevich]
David Saykin
Bachelor's thesis (2017): "Magnetoconductance of p-n junction in Weyl semimetal" [pdf, adv. K.S. Tikhonov]
Master's thesis (2019): "Absolute Poisson ratio of 2D crystalline membranes" [pdf, adv. I.S. Burmistrov]
5 year
Dmitriy Mikhailov
advisor: Ya.V. Fominov
Bachelor's thesis (2018): "SQUID with higher harmonics in the current-phase relation" [pdf, adv. Ya.V. Fominov]
Anton Khvalyuk
advisors: M.V. Feigel'man, K.S. Tikhonov
Bachelor's thesis (2018): "Studies of low-energy excitations in superconductors near the insulator-superconductor transition" [pdf, adv. M.V. Feigel'man, K.S. Tikhonov]
4 year
Kirill Dubovitskii
Bachelor's thesis (2019): "Characteristics of operations with superconducting qubits and effects of noise" [pdf, adv. Yu.G. Makhlin]
Alexander Osin
Bachelor's thesis (2019): "Structure of a vortex in a superconductor at a plane defect in the diffusive limit" [pdf, adv. Ya.V. Fominov]
Boris Pashinsky
Bachelor's thesis (2019): "Noise of the edge current in a two-dimensional topological insulator due to back-scattering off a magnetic impurity" [pdf, adv. I.S. Burmistrov]
3 year
Vladimir Arkhipkin
Nikolay Ivchenko
Nikolay Kishmar
Uliana Khodaeva
Danila Chuklanov
2 year
Serafim Babkin
Maria Domashenko
Sergey Evseev
Dmitry Zverevich
Dmitry Kiseliov
Anastasia Lyublinskaya
Khachatur Nazaryan