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Bachelor's-degree alumni

Alumni of the Department for General and Applied Physics, MIPT

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Yu.A. Biktairov
Bachelor's thesis (2018): "Mesoscopic fluctuations of variance of particle number and of entanglement entropy" [pdf, adv. I.S. Burmistrov, K.S. Tikhonov]
student at Skoltech
V.K. Mozolenko
Bachelor's thesis (2018): "Transport in nonstrationary systems with wide spectrum of switching times" [pdf, adv. A.S. Ioselevich]
student at NRU HSE
M.V. Razumovskiy
Bachelor's thesis (2017): "Surface density of states near the spectrum edge in superconductors with inhomogeneous coupling constant" [pdf, adv. Ya.V. Fominov]
graduate student at MIPT
A.P. Nestyuk
Bachelor's thesis (2017): "Majorana qubits in Josephson Ising chains" [pdf, adv. Yu.G. Makhlin]
student at MIPT
V.V. Sivak
Bachelor's thesis (2016): "Cotunneling and polaron effect in granular systems" [pdf, adv. A.S. Ioselevich]
graduate student at Yale University (USA)
A.A. Mazanik
Bachelor's thesis (2016): "Density of states at the surface of a superconductor with a nonuniform coupling constant" [pdf, adv. Ya.V. Fominov]
graduate student at MIPT
P.L. Stroganov
Bachelor's thesis (2016): "Andreev states in ferromagnetic Cooper-pair splitters" [pdf, adv. Ya.V. Fominov]
graduate student at Harvard University (USA)
Yu.V. Rud'
Bachelor's thesis (2015): "Discrete approach to the minimal Liouville gravity" [pdf, adv. A.A. Belavin]
V.N. Kachalov
Bachelor's thesis (2014): "Analysis of statistical properties of the stress tensor for a polymer solution" [pdf, adv. I.V. Kolokolov]
V.A. Biryukov
Bachelor's thesis (2013): "Dynamo effect in a turbulent boundary layer" [pdf, adv. V.V. Lebedev]
A.A. Vlasyuk
Bachelor's thesis (2013): "Majorana states in a two-vortex system" [pdf, adv. M.V. Feigel'man]
O.V. Kondrashov
Bachelor's thesis (2013): "Breaking superconductivity by magnetic field in the STM tip" [pdf, adv. M.A. Skvortsov]
A.Yu. Fetisov
Bachelor's thesis (2011): "Accuracy of the evaluation of the number of singularities for finite-gap operators via the Pontryagin-spaces index" [pdf, adv. P.G. Grinevich]
B.G. Shteynas
Bachelor's thesis (2010): "Dynamics of a period-doubling bifurcation quantum detector" [pdf, adv. Yu.G. Makhlin]
PhD thesis (2019, MIT): "Spin-Orbit Coupled Bose Gases"
Oxford University (England)
V.A. Al'ba
Bachelor's thesis (2009): "New conformal field theories in Gepner's approach" [pdf, adv. S.E. Parkhomenko]
PhD thesis (2017, Princeton Univ.): "Aspects of Scale Invariance in Physics and Biology"
Northwestern University (USA)
V.V. Lopatin
Bachelor's thesis (2008): "Structure factor for a passive-scalar field" [pdf, adv. V.V. Lebedev]
M.V. Imakaev
Bachelor's thesis (2007): "Excitons in graphene in strong magnetic field" [pdf, adv. S.V. Iordanskii]
R.Z. Kuchumov
Bachelor's thesis (2007): "Numerical analysis of the characteristics of the generalized scattering transformation for 2D Schroedinger equation" [pdf, adv. P.G. Grinevich]
A.Yu. Brodskiy
Bachelor's thesis (2006): "Influence of the local variation of the coupling constant near nonmagnetic impurities in d-wave superconductors on the spectrum of quasiparticle resonances" [adv. Y.S. Barash]
E.V. Komarov
Bachelor's thesis (2006): "Radiation beta-decay of a neutron" [adv. I.V. Polyubin]
Master's thesis (2008, MIPT)
M.V. Medvedeva
Bachelor's thesis (2006): "Tunneling in a magnetic field: Euclidean resonance" [pdf, adv. L.N. Shchur, B.I. Ivlev]
PhD thesis (2011, Leiden Univ.): "On localization of Dirac fermions by disorder"
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
V.L. Semenenko
Bachelor's thesis (2006): "Electrons in 2D periodic systems in magnetic field" [adv. S.V. Iordanskii]
S.L. Artyukhin
Bachelor's thesis (2005): "Relaxation of cpin waves in a quantum-Hall ferromagnet" [adv. S.M. Dikman]
A.R. Akhmerov
Bachelor's thesis (2005): "Temperature dependence of conductance of strongly disordered granular metal" [adv. A.S. Ioselevich]
PhD thesis (2011, Leiden Univ.): "Dirac and Majorana edge states in graphene and topological superconductors"
Associate professor, Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands)
T.Yu. Gatanov
Bachelor's thesis (2005): "Numerical simulations of a 2d Bose liquid" [adv. M.V. Feigel'man, L.N. Shchur]
PhD thesis (2014, Harvard Univ.): "Data-Driven Analysis of Mitotic Spindles"
Zh.N. Al'pishchev
Bachelor's thesis (2004): "Shallow levels of a 2D electron in magnetic field" [pdf, adv. P.D. Grigoriev]
PhD thesis (2012, Stanford Univ.): "STM and STS studies of electronic states near macroscopic defects in topological insulators"
Yu.A. Anikin
Bachelor's thesis (2004): "Application of the Holstein-Primakoff transformation for calculation of the correlation funcitons of the longitudinal spin components in an s=1/2 Heisenberg ferromagnet" [adv. I.V. Kolokolov]
A.S. Malashevich
Bachelor's thesis (2003): "On the winding angle for a 2D random walk" [adv. L.N. Shchur]
V.E. Manucharyan
Bachelor's thesis (2003): "On the gravitation-wave registration from the phase modulation of the radiation from a distant source" [adv. G.B. Lesovik]
PhD thesis (2012, Yale Univ.): "Superinductance"
Associate Professor, University of Maryland (USA)
O.V. Miroshnichenko
Bachelor's thesis (2003): "Integrable spin chains" [pdf, adv. A.A. Belavin]
Master's thesis (2005, zashchishchen v Kieve): "Descendant correlations in the Li-Yang model" [adv. A.A. Belavin]
A.O. Imambekov
Bachelor's thesis (2002): "Dynamics of a two-level system interacting with a random classical field" [adv. G.B. Lesovik]
PhD thesis (2007, Harvard Univ.): "Strongly Correlated Phenomena with Ultracold Atomic Gases"
E.A. Aliev
Bachelor's thesis (2001): "Integrable models in statistical mechanics" [adv. A.A. Belavin]
A.V. Dementsov
Bachelor's thesis (2001): "Skyrmions in two-dimensional electron gas in a strong magnetic field" [adv. S.V. Iordanskii]
PhD thesis (2008, Clarkson Univ., USA): "Modeling of Self-Healing Materials"
V. Khachatryan
Bachelor's thesis (2001): "Solitons from solution of the Hamilton equations" [adv. E.A. Kuznetsov]
S.A. Petrosyan
Bachelor's thesis (2000): "Coulomb gap in the density of states and its possible manifestation" [adv. S.V. Iordanskii]
A.L. Neporada
Bachelor's thesis (1999): "Correlations in a model of 1D directed walk" [adv. L.N. Shchur]